Network Refresh

Networking Refresh

  • Job : Conectivity¬†
  • Year : November, 2019


Networking the backbone of the company. I was hired for network refresh for six different locations. This company recently acquired three additional locations. One of which is a new headquarters. I took advantage of this and started a new structure for the company setting up a new virtual server running active directory and a script for local backups. Installed a new Fortinet firewall, Ubiquiti Networks access points. Dell 24 port switch for data and a Netgear 16 port POE switch for voice and access points for all six locations.

The reason for this refresh was connectivity issues. When I arrived to the old headquarters I could see why. Previous IT kept stacking switches without cable management. I installed a network rack utilizing CAT6/Shielded CAT7 Starting from the ISP hand off. All firewalls were configured with IPsec networking back to headquarters to establish active directory. Creating users for file permissions adding all macs/windows workstations to the domain.